StudioLet uses sustainably produced and innovative materials designing unique bags. We are in line with the global need to research sustainable materials and techniques and take them as a starting point in the creation of our designs. With every StudioLet bag you get a passport with the origin of the materials used, so you know exactly what it is made of.


Vegetable tanned leather bags

Stylish bags, sustainably produced and made of vegetable tanned leather.

Vegetable tanning is a method of processing the skin in a pure and natural way without using harmful chemicals. It is a traditional and artisanal process that uses the tannic acid of various plants, using the bark, branches, leaves or even some fruits in some specific techniques. The tanning process takes one to three months at most. The leather has authentic natural features that emphasize the vegetable tanning and coloring process and represent the life of the animal.


Itsumo Saku bags

Beautiful unique bags made of water resistant wool, real flowers and vegetable tanned leather.

First, flowers, leaves and other plant material are spread manually over the wool. Then, due to an innovative technique, the flowers are pressed into the wool. Finally the material is finished with an extra protective layer and combined with vegetable tanned leather. 

None of the bags are the same, you will always carry a unique one. 


Palm leather bags

Exclusive bags made of innovative palm leather. Palm leather is completely biodegradable, fair trade and vegan. This means it meets the Global Sustainability Goals. The palm leaves come from the Betelnut tree in India, which loses 80 million m2 of leaves every year.

The different color tones of the material are wonderfully applicable in the design of a bag.