StudioLet values the quality of its products and cares about the planet. Therefore we work as much as possible with sustainable materials and techniques:

  • All bags and booties are handmade in our own studio in Groningen. We stand for the quality of our products and take sustainability as a starting point when manufacturing our accessories. That's why we provide a lifetime warranty on the seams and snap hooks of the bags in the form of free repair.
  • The leather we use comes from an eco-certified family business in Germany. They are specialized in vegetable tanning and coloring of leather. In this method, the skin is processed in a pure and natural way without the use of harmful chemicals. It is a traditional and artisanal process that uses the tannic acid of various plants, using the bark, branches, leaves or even some fruits in some specific techniques. The tanning process takes one to three months. The leather has authentic natural features that emphasize the vegetable tanning and coloring process and represent the life of the animal.
  • The lining of the bags is made of sustainably produced hemp fabric, organic cotton or recycled fabric.
  • The straps of the bags are interchangeable. StudioLet regularly offers new designs of straps in the webshop. If you would like a new look for your bag, you can easily get it done without having to buy a completely new bag.
  • We work on request and keep the stock to a minimum.